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European Research Group


What is the SUPI-Project?

SUPI–Project is a European Research Group established by European and international scholars and experts.


  1. To analyse and evaluate in depth and with a systemic methodology the complex topics of social precarity, uncertainty and inequality;

  2. To provide proposals to social policies in order to reinforce social cohesion this way covering all the questions related to social exclusion/inclusion in a positive and efficient way.

The Group:

SUPI–Project Group was formally founded in Berlin on 1st February 2007 during the International Conference “Processes of Social Reorientation within the Social Structure” in cooperation with Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales – Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (see the attached “Collaboration Agreement”).

The Group is widely open to the cooperation of qualified European and International experts.

Coordinator of the SUPI-Project: PD Rolf-Dieter HEPP, Freie Universität Berlin

Head Office: PD Rolf-Dieter HEPP, Institut für Soziologie, Politik und Sozialwissenschaften, Freie Universität Berlin, Garystrasse 55, 14195 Berlin, Germany, Tel. 0049/ 30 3949565; Fax 0049/ 30 3913941 or 30 3914458; E-Mail: