Precarity Platform for a Scientific Network of Political Excellence


  • Rolf Hepp Institut für Soziologie Freie Universität Berlin
  • Robert Riesinger
  • Lennart Nørreklit Institute for Learning and Philosophy Aalborg University
  • Peter Herrmann Eurispes L'Istituto di Ricerca degli Italiani


The paper presents main positions of the S.U.P.I.-Research-Group (Social Uncertainity, Precarity, Inequality) for an appropriate research agenda towards Precarity.

Excerpt from the paper:

"The S.U.P.I. network considers it as one of its main tasks to introduce and address questions regarding fragile and precarious employments with the interdisciplinary perspective of the humanities to the EU. The purpose here is to point out that to consider these problems merely from the viewpoint of the social sciences alone could lead to an inadvertent omission of some important functional and methodical dimensions of these issue"




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Hepp, R., Riesinger, R., Nørreklit, L., & Herrmann, P. (2016). Precarity Platform for a Scientific Network of Political Excellence. Social Transformations, 1(1). Retrieved from